Gaining and Losing

As I was developing my thoughts about our lives being divided up into 20-year increments, or scores of years, I began to see the first three score as a time growth. We gain friends, interests, and knowledge. We collect rocks, … Read More

Women’s March on Washington

It has been many years since I felt the urge to “demonstrate,” for or against anything. The late 1960s probably. But, I did want to go to Washington this week to march with several hundred thousand people in the January 21 … Read More

Intro to Fourthscore

What is a Blog, why would a “lady of advanced years” be interested in writing one and, even more importantly, why would anyone be interested in reading it? Good questions, all. While I only have a general understanding of the … Read More

The Fourthscore Logo

For many years I have collected Native American Storyteller Dolls. Most of them are small, and some are expensive, while others were picked up in airports in the Southwest. To me, they represent my role in society. The teller of … Read More

Cultural Identity Crisis

The world has always been a violent, dangerous place full of prejudice and fear. In ancient civilizations it was a given that people killed and were murdered for innumerable reasons (Rome conquered and enslaved much of the world … Read More

End of Life Questions

Today Holly asked me two questions, the first was “Do you think it is wrong to end things early?” This surprised me to some extent because she had never mentioned the possibility before and also because just last week the “End of … Read More