We all have one, that voice in our heads that questions our choices, criticizes our actions, and constantly reminds us that we need to “stay in our lane.” Sometimes it is the whispiest of whispers and sometimes the shouting … Read More

New Year, Ides of March, St. Patrick’s Day

This was meant to be a New Year posting, but somehow the year got away from me, so it is a combination New Year, Ides of March, St. Patrick’s Day post. One of the items that was going to be in my New Year post was my intention to … Read More


I’ve been told that some people know from early childhood what they want to “be, when they grow up,” and that they steadfastly follow that path into adulthood. I even know people who make plans months and even years in advance … Read More


The Birth Order Theory, first proposed by Alfred Adler, a contemporary of Freud and Jung, is the familiar but unproven idea that a person’s order of birth in the family has profound impact on their psychological development. As a … Read More


This past Mother’s Day was the first one I have spent as a foster mother of teenage girls.  Both girls were with their birth mothers for the day and my own children were off being mothers and fathers to their own … Read More


IS “CRAZY” CONTAGIOUS? One of the non-Trump related news stories this month is the measles outbreaks occurring in states/areas that allow parents to opt out of having their children immunized for preventable childhood diseases. I … Read More


Driving past a grammar school today I noted the marquee out front said “3/22 Report Cards” and I remembered getting report cards and progress reports in school; for myself and then for my children. In fact, I recently discovered … Read More

Staying in “Your Own Lane”

Staying in “Your Own Lane:” The Good, the bad, and the ugly As the politics in the world and in our own country get more and more divisive it is so difficult to see any solution or reconciliation between all the factions. I … Read More


So, I have been debating about how to say this without sounding like a whiny-assed bitch (WAB). I can’t really come up with anything, so I will just have to go with the WAB model. One common cause of frustration and ongoing … Read More